Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Skills or Attributes Necessary to Be an Outstanding Student Support Services

A student support service provider needs to love children first and foremost and see each child with the potential to do and to be great. Students who need support services often are lacking self-confidence and motivation and often the support staff provides a refuge from home life and even the regular self-contained classroom. He or she must demonstrate patience as it is not uncommon to find students who need emotional or psychological support. The support staff must try to provide another perspective on the students abilities and talents, strengths and areas for growth, that might have otherwise been overlooked. In this way, the support staff has to be an advocate for the student consistently coaching, motivating and inspiring the student and those whom come in contact with this individual. If the support staff can relate to all students and not just those in whom s/he sees, then this can add much value to the school community. The school staff must also deeply and truly care about the students they serve. They can attend sporting events or theatre performances in support of the student when appropriate.

This individual must work well with others particularly the lead teacher to make sure that the work and skills that are developed outside of the traditional classroom are well aligned and supported with the standard curriculum. The support service provider must be a transparent and clear communicator. If a student is performing well or is struggling than the support staff must communicate this information to the lead teacher and make decisions together when appropriate. The support staff is in an essential member of the school community and as s/he practices love, patience, clear and consistent means of communication and alignment with others, all students will thrive and excel in such a culture.

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